Friday, 3 October 2008

Using Discernment

In this age where we're constantly being bombarded with information, I believe it's important to use discernment at all times.

Just as well I have within me what I refer to as my Bullshit-o-meter, which I use to scan news items, articles on the Web, emails, etc that have been brought to my attention. By bullshit, I'm referring to false beliefs that are attempting to distract from the truth of Love's allness.

Before I read the piece, I examine the pendulum on my Bullshit-o-meter to tell me the level of bullshit in the piece.

If the pendulum stays the same, it's the same old bullshit.

If the pendulum swings to the right, it's even more bullshit.

If the pendulum swings to the left, it's likely to be filled with gems that resonate with who I am being.

I am also very much aware that just because something contains bullshit doesn't mean it's not always worthy of my attention. Put another way, the Light that I AM is in all things including bullshit. This is when I listen to my heart. Sometimes, my heart inspires me to transform the bullshit into manure from which springs out a healthy harvest. Other times, my heart tells me to walk away and let the bullshit attract flies who might appreciate it.

Either way, it's all good.

Blessing all bullshit and bullshiters with love. :-)


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