Friday, 3 October 2008

The Tortoise

The other night, I watched an episode of Heroes. All the heroes express different kinds of superpowers. In one scene, one hero sends another hero to another reality. When that hero wakes up he realises he's somewhere arid. It turns out this particular hero can read minds. As he's lying there feeling thirsty he notices a tortoise. The tortoises tells him he can find water in the roots of a plant close by. The hero pulls out the root and dribbles the few drops of water on his tongue. Suddenly a man appears and asks him why he's been speaking to the tortoise. He offers the hero some water from his flask and tells him to get up and walk with him.

I believe the tortoise did mean well advising the man how to get water. That was the tortoise's way of giving love, however, his version of love was limited to his tortoise mentality. It would have taken ages for that hero's thirst to be quenched. It was only when he drank from the man's flask i.e. a bigger consciousness that he felt strong enough to walk. If the hero had been in touch with his true self he wouldn't have been fighting with the other hero in the first place and find himself in that predicament.

There are now many people warning about what is to come and how we should all be very afraid. Before I take someone's warning on board, I examine whether it resonates with the principle of Love that I believe in.

Is the ONE Love-Light and True Self that I believe in speaking through this messenger?

Would the True Self disseminate messages of doom and gloom or of hope and inspiration?

Is this messenger merely another tortoise passing on his message from his vantage point, albeit of good intention?

That's why I believe it's so important to use discernment.

Please note the messages I am sharing on my blogs are based on my realisations of Self as I am experiencing them and as they are revealed to me. I don't claim to speak for everyone nor are they meant to instruct anyone. Readers are invited to seek their own truth and direct connection with ONE Light in all.

Peace and love to all.


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