Monday, 6 October 2008

Retraining My Dog

The other day I noticed a man taking his dog for a walk. I'm not sure what breed the dog was but it was black and huge. The dog seemed really happy on his lead. I watched them cross over the road and both of them were in perfect harmony.

The man and his dog reminded me of how I trained my dog/consciousness. Let's look at one example.

First of all, I trained my dog/consciousness that my body was under the law of nature. I trained my dog to believe that sickness, old age and death are part and parcel of life. I trained the dog to believe that only the right supplements and diets would make me whole. I trained the dog to believe that only the right kind of foods can make me healthy. I trained my dog that if I got sick I could only get better by taking pills and potions either prescribed by my doctor or from the chemist. At that time the dog and I were in perfect harmony.

When I experienced a paradigm shift and realised that my identity is Love-Light and that Love-Light is the substance and source of all, that was when all hell broke loose. Why? Because the dog was accustomed to the old set of commands and refused to obey the new commands of Love-Light. I had to be persistent and constantly give the dog new commands that are in harmony with my identity as Light. When I let the dog know who is Top Dog, she's only too happy to comply.

Just yesterday while I was watching television, the satellite started playing up again and not receiving any signals. My mother said it does that because of the weather. I read it as a perfect sign that the dog needed the appropriate command. I thought: "I am Light; Light is the Source." I visualised Light rays streaming from me to the television. After repeating that command several times the satellite started receiving and showed perfect pictures.

Here are some more commands I have used to retrain my dog:

I am Light.
Light is all in all.
Love is all there is.
Light is the Source.
Light, Light, Light!
I am receiving Light now!
I am flooding my being with Light now!
Light in every moment.
The universe is under the Law of Love-Light.
The universe is within me.
The universe is my ally.
My function and the universe are one.
My function and my body are one.
Only One exists!
This is My Day!

It takes patience, persistence, and a lot of TLC (tender loving care) to retrain my dog.

Good dog!

 A Prayer for the New Age*
I am the creator of the universe.
I am the father and mother of the universe.
Everything comes from me.
Everything shall return to me.
Mind, spirit and body are my temples,
For the self to realize in them
My supreme being and becoming.
* Please note this prayer is for Self-Realisation. For more details about its source and use click into the link.
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