Wednesday, 1 October 2008

On Being Given a Head Start

The other day at the bookshop I met a man who was born and bred in America but now living in France, just outside Paris. I was curious why he was living in France. Was his wife French? His wife is also American; their two kids were born in America. My friend said he was living in France because he was drawn there. He said he prefers that lifestyle compared to America. My friend said he and his family will have dual citizenship next year. I told my friend that it's important to follow your heart.

My friend said he was in London for two days and while he was here he was researching British universities. He said though his kids are still young (13 and 14), they will soon need to decide what path they want to choose and he feels it's his responsibility to guide them as he doesn't want them making the same mistakes he had when he went down the wrong path. He said it can be hard to swap. He said he would prefer that they either attend university in the UK or in France but not in America. He wasn't prepared to pay all that money for an American undergraduate degree.

I was really touched that my friend was already researching universities for his kids and told him so. He said being a parent was very important to him and the most fulfilling role he's ever undertaken. He said even though he realises life doesn't always go according to plan, he wants to give his children a head start. It's then up to them to choose whether they accept his guidance or do their own thing.

After chatting to my friend about school and universities, I told him I believed everything was going to work out for good. He thanked me for my optimism.

I believe like the American father, Infinite Love has already planned ahead infinite love, joy, wonder, abundance and happiness for all HIS offspring forever, greater than I could begin to imagine or dream of. All I have to do is receive.

All things are working out for good.


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