Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mind Reader

I believe all is Mind. Therefore, all things visible and invisible are Mind stuff.

About a week ago during my Mind bus travel, I noticed a Mind woman reading a Mind book called Mind "Ugly" by Constance Briscoe. Although I've never read the book, I'm aware of what it's about - a woman's memoir of her childhood where she experiences physical and emotional abuse from her mother. Constance is now one of the few black judges in Britain.

At the time I wondered why the book was being flagged for my attention.

While I was working in the Mind library yesterday, a Mind friend who works there came over and asked me if I read a lot of books. I said I do, but there are genres I prefer. He asked if I'd ever read a book called "Ugly" by Constance Briscoe. He said after he read it he attended a talk by the author. My friend said the sequel "Beyond Ugly" is out and was wondering if I knew if the author was going to be speaking anywhere. I told my friend I haven't read the book but I'm aware of what it's about. I did some research on the Web on behalf of my friend but couldn't find any current talks. I told him that as he's already registered with the author's website, I'm sure they'll let him know when the author is speaking next.

At least now I know why that book was flagged for my attention.

Later on my way home, I decided to give some Mind sweets to the Mind security guards in front of the Mind building. One guard said "I can't believe you're offering me sweets! I've just been thinking I could do with some munchies. It's as if you read my mind."

"Really?" Mind Enocia said.

"It's true," his Mind colleague said. "He's just mentioned it."

I was thrilled to be part of my friend's "miracle."

All is Mind in infinite manifestations.

Mind Enocia

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