Thursday, 2 October 2008

Mind Reader - Part 2

I love it when I wonder about something and the answer just drops on my lap.

While I was chilling out at home, I was inspired to read some verses from Psalm 103 but I couldn't remember how it started. I could have looked it up but it felt like way too much effort. I was chilling out, remember?

I had also been wondering about an evangelist whose book I had quoted, but I couldn't remember his name. It will have to keep till next time I'm on the Internet then I'll look up the article.

When my mother came home I heard her muttering to herself "Bless the Lord O my Soul and all that is within me bless his holy name."

That was exactly the first line of the Psalm I had been too lazy to look up. Way to go, Mind Reader!

Then my mother turned the television to a religious programme and guess who was on? The very same evangelist whose name had eluded me earlier - Billy Graham. Mind Reader does it again!

As I was waiting for my bus this morning, I found some sweet wrappers in my bag. Just as I was going to walk over to the bin to dump them in my bus arrived. Bugger! I figured I would find a bin when I got off. The problem with that area of London is there are no bins provided because they are seen as a security risk. When I got off the bus and crossed the road, I noticed a street cleaner with his mobile bin and I was able to dump my rubbish.

Thank you, Mind Reader!


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