Saturday, 20 September 2008

Why Some Dramas are Not Worth My While

Quite recently, my mother was burgled. After she had reported the incident to the police, they kept in touch with her for a few days. They even sent her a letter expressing how sorry they were about what had happened. When they asked mum if she was interested in speaking to the Press about her experience she said she wasn't.

Yesterday someone went to visit her to discuss security issues and gave her an alarm. The woman was surprised my mother wasn't feeling depressed. Mum told her she was fine and had put the incident behind her.

"Maybe, she expected you to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," I said.

"Probably," mum chuckled. "I don't see why I should be depressed. That's not God's plan for me. The most important thing is the man did not harm me and I'm fine."

It's interesting how society likes us to milk situations so you can create more drama. As a writer I'm constantly on the look out for stories but only those that demonstrate the wonder and power of Love. When I'm inspired to share "painful" experiences such as my mother's, it's only because something Good has come out of it.

I'm all for reliving happy and loving memories, however. I only need to "press" the "tape" in my consciousness and I'm reliving the joy, love, peace, happiness over and over again. I have recorded tons of these experiences on my blogs.

As I see it, if an experience/memory doesn't make Love look good, it's really not worth my while.


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