Thursday, 4 September 2008

What is Suffering?

As I was walking home, I noticed a man walking ahead with a briefcase in one hand and a bag in the other. When I walked past him he called me.

"Why are you walking so fast?" he said in a broad Nigerian accent.

"I'm not walking fast, this is my normal pace," I said.

"That's too fast. Slow down!"

I told him I was walking home.

"Whoah!" he wailed. "Why would you want to walk all that way?"

"It's not that far, it only takes about two hours."

"Two hours! Catch the bus, my friend!"

"I don't want to catch the bus, I feel like walking home."

"Why are you putting yourself through all that suffering?"

"How can I suffer when I love walking?"

"OK, walk then," he said. "Go on, quick march - left, right, left!"

For me, walking is one way I express myself as Love, which is inexhaustible energy. The moment I identify myself as a person with limited energy that needs to be topped up, I start feeling aches, pains and exhaustion. Then, I am really putting myself through suffering.

While I'm enjoying my walk I receive lots of inspiration from people I meet along the way and things I see. I even noticed a car with the sign, "Cat's Whiskers" which reminded me of an article I'd read about a man who is transforming himself into a tiger. Apparently he has "synthetic whiskers."

Thank you, dear friend, for your concern. Know that I can't suffer when I am expressing the Love that I am.


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