Wednesday, 24 September 2008

What is Guidance?

The Real Me that is Light exists in all time, all space and all realities.

Since the Light is omnipresent, I have access to all information in all realities. This means I can ask the Light in any reality for guidance.

I arranged to meet a friend who was going to come down to London. At first I was very excited about the meeting. Then I started feeling it wasn't the right time. I tuned into my Light presence on the day we'd planned to meet and asked if I should go ahead with the meeting. I was "told" it wasn't the right time. I emailed my friend to tell her I couldn't make our meeting and felt it was best for both of us. I said at the "right" time God will arrange for us to meet.

My friend replied that whenever she asked her Guidance whether she should book her ticket to London for that date, she kept getting a No answer. However, when she asked if she should go ahead, she got the answer Yes.

Well, since there is only One in all, the One was giving my friend the "right" answer. No, it's not the right time; and Yes, we'll meet up another time.

Trusting in guidance is trusting in the Real Me, the One Self in all.


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