Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Truth or Fiction - Who Cares?

Last night my mother and I watched a documentary on television called The Lost Tomb of Jesus about whether Jesus and his family were buried in a particular tomb. If that claim is true then it challenges the Christian belief in Jesus' resurrection, which is the foundation of their faith. The experts came up with many theories to back or refute their claim.

As we were watching it, I could see my mother was getting agitated as she's a Christian and firm believer in the resurrection; and her faith was being challenged. She said it could have been Jesus' brother and his family.

The documentary concluded that based on probability it is possible Jesus and his family were buried in that tomb; then again it is possible he wasn't.

The way I see it, it really doesn't matter to me whether the experts' claims are fact or fiction because:

First, anyone can prove anything as truth or fiction. You only need to ask any question and you'll get an answer, at least that has been my experience.

Second, my faith is not based on a historical figure, who may or may not have lived 2,000 years ago, but on Love-Light that has always been and will always be. I know what it means to be this Light. I know the Light is my True Self. And I know the Light is the One Source that is appearing as the many.

Without Love as my foundation, I would be very concerned about documentaries like that.

Without Love as my foundation, I would be trying to defend my belief.

I see this happening with many believers as they bicker over whether their teacher is the true teacher or awakened Master; whether their religion is the true religion; whether their spiritual path is the only true path; whether God can express through anyone without a medium, etc.

Because I know Love is in all, I can take what I find useful from any school of thought. In fact, I get a lot from the principles that Jesus teaches in the Bible, which I live by; just like I get a lot of inspiration from other religions, the Internet, the media, books, films, art, nature, and life in general.

Truth or fiction - who cares?


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