Friday, 5 September 2008

Transcending Duality

The other day my mother told me she'd prepared some beef stew for a change. She said she felt like having some, even though she hasn't had beef in a long while. I haven't eaten beef for ages either. She said it was up to me if I wanted to have some or have the stew without the meat. I didn't mind at all; I thought it was a real treat and I enjoyed it. I even had leftovers the following day and the next.

Years ago I went through a phase where I stopped eating red meat because I believed certain foods were bad for me; or it wasn't right for me to eat meat, etc. I eventually phased out chicken, and fish and became a vegetarian. Instead of being peaceful about my choice I was constantly thinking about what nutritional supplement I was lacking. Eventually, I came to realise that Love-Light is the substance of all whether something appears as a fish or chicken and I stopped being a vegetarian, though I preferred to eat only chicken and fish. Having said that, if I'm invited to dinner and someone has prepared lamb or duck, I'll still have some. There have been occasions when my mother has cooked lamb and I have still had the sauce without the lamb. So I'm not that fussed really.

Eating is now such a joyful experience now that I no longer judge food as good or bad, but choose what I prefer.

Incidentally, a friend posed the following question via email yesterday.

Have a question for you : I do not watch much TV but I do like to read novels. Seeing as books vibrate at various frequencies - depending on what the contents are, is reading crime and spy stories gonna affect me in any way? The missus asks why I waste time reading such rubbish (she watches crap on TV). I enjoy reading -it's all that's left to me !!- ain't that bloody sad? Whatya reckon?
My response was as follows:

This is what I reckon.

People are either seeing through the lenses of duality or oneness/Light.

When you see through duality then everything have their frequencies and some things are good and some are bad. You try your best to stay at a frequency that you believe is good for you.

When you see through the lens of Love-Light then you realise Light is in all even in crap telly or junk novels. That doesn't mean you can't have your preferences. I certainly do.

Love is all there is.


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