Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Stepping Outside the Box

I've had numerous experiences of "astral projections" which have happened while I've been asleep. I have felt myself split in two: I feel myself outside my body being able to move anywhere at great speed; and I then experience my physical body as immobile. It's only when I have merged can I move again as normal. The last projection I experienced turned out to be a preview of things to come two days into the future, which did happen.

Last night as I was lying down and getting ready for sleep I felt my left foot getting a cramp. I was going to love it back to wholeness when the Inner Voice said to me to project out of my body just like I do during "astral projection." This time I can do it consciously. All I have to do is see myself anywhere and I'm there as light.

I projected to the kitchen, the toilet, my mother's bedroom, the library, a friend, anywhere I could think of. I decided to project myself in every single time and space in the universe.

One human programme states that we can only be in one place at any one time, which can keep one in bondage to a condition or situations. The easiest way to challenge that programme is to see yourself in several places at once. Then you are under the law of Light that is freedom. As for the cramp, it dissolved into light.

The Inner Voice said I can apply this principle to any problem, just step outside the box and explore the wonder of Light that is my true nature.

I am Infinite Light.


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