Monday, 8 September 2008

"Pink Cloud" Syndrome

I have a BIG confession to make. I suffer from "Pink Cloud" Syndrome also known as people who live in Cloud-Cuckoo Land. Because of this syndrome, I tend to see everything with optimism or with Love's vision.

Once a week I attend the Pink Cloud Syndrome Anonymous group meeting where I get to meet with and share experiences with other sufferers. Here's what I shared in last night's meeting.
Enocia: Hello all, my name is Enocia and I suffer from Pink Cloud Syndrome.

Group: Hello Enocia.

Enocia: Tonight I want to share how I've been coping, more like not coping. I'm trying so hard to fight this thing but I just seem to be getting worse and worse. What is it they say, "what you resist persists?" I mean, I think of Love all the time. The more fearful stuff I read about or hear in the news, the more I focus on Love and trusting in the power of Love. It's utter madness! Anyone would think I was possessed by some Love demon or something.

This illness makes me so impractical and unrealistic! For instance, while normal people go to doctors I look to Love for healing. Isn't that outrageous? I even trust in Love to not only guide me but to meet my supply in every way. Why am I so gullible to put my faith and trust in something that doesn't even exist? What's love got to do with life anyway?

I've even dedicated my whole life to writing about the wonder and magic of Love in action: through me and through others. I know I'm wasting my life focusing on Love and not getting a proper job but I'm not responsible for my behaviour. How can I be when I'm not in my right mind?

There's also this great fear I have of Love completely taking over the whole world. I keep getting these horrific visions of a world where people are living in perfect harmony. It would be a complete disaster! The thought of it makes me shudder.

I'm so sorry I'm getting so emotional now but I feel so sad to be suffering like this after so many years. Why is it so hard for me to buy into doom and gloom? On the rare occasion when I have seen the Light and been feeling down, why have I bounced back so quickly? Why can't I be like normal people and be scared to follow my joy?

With your support and by the Grace of God, I hope to beat this illness. For now, I'll just have to take it one day at a time.

Thank you for listening.

Group: Thank you for sharing, Enocia.
For anyone reading this, please pray for me that I am healed from this debilitating illness. Thanks in advance.


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