Monday, 15 September 2008

Only Good Can Come Out of This

When I went home last night my mother told me she'd been burgled. I asked her whether this had happened while we were out. She said it happened while she was at home.

While my mother was watching television, someone rang the bell and said he was some kind of drainage inspector. Mum went to open the door and forgot to ask to see his ID. After distracting my mother with nonsense, the guy went upstairs, sneaked into her bedroom, stole her purse and left. Mum called the police to report the incident. Apparently, the police are aware he's done the same to other neighbours.

Mum said she was annoyed at herself for being duped by this guy. In fact, she received a letter recently from the Neighbourhood Watch reminding residents to be vigilant of bogus workers. Fortunately, mum didn't have much money in her purse; only some loose change. Apart from that there were some papers, her mobile top-up card, and a photograph of Jesus. Earlier on her way to church she thought about taking her bank card to withdraw some money but something told her not to bother, which is just as well as she would have had a lot more money and her bank card in her purse. I was very happy she was feeling very peaceful considering.

Speaking of being at peace, while I had been travelling on the bus, possibly around the same time my mother was being burgled, some teenagers had sat near me playing their music really loud. Instead of asking them to turn the music down, I simply thought: "peace and quiet in every moment." They turned down the music. As I continued to have the thought of peace, they turned off the music and remained quiet until they got off. I continued to meditate on peace throughout my bus journey.

After my mother had told me about the incident, the first thought that came to mind was "Only good can come out of this." Why? Because I know there's nothing but the presence of God/Love in every moment which is very good. In the Kingdom of God/Love, there are no burglars or criminals, only offspring of Love who can only love one another. As children of Love, you know your supply is constantly being met by Infinite Love. Only when you believe you live outside of the Kingdom or see yourself as something other than your true identity, Love, do you believe there's not enough and have to steal to meet your needs. Yes, only good can come out of this. Our friend had chosen the wrong person to steal from because all he's going to get from me is lots of love. I blessed my friend with love and wished him peace.

I then picked up my mother's book called God Will See You Through by Mary L. Kupferle and opened it at random to a chapter called "There's enough and to spare." Mary cites the parable of the Prodigal Son in the Bible about a man who asks his father for his inheritance and goes off into a far country. After spending all he has and he's in lack he realises that in his father's house there is enough and to spare. He returns home where his father receives him. Mary offers the affirmation "there's enough and to spare" as a reminder to lean on God for our supply whether it is more love, patience, kindness, substance, peace, etc.

I pointed the chapter out to my mother. I said the "burglar" had not realised that in God's Kingdom there's enough and to spare. I also said only good will come out of this experience. Mum said she'd also had the same thought that God is going to use this experience to bless many.

Some may ask if God is all there is, why did mum have this experience? You could ask the same question about situations in the world. Why do "bad" things happen? All I know is that God does not cause situations like these to happen. While man's beliefs might attract disharmony or disturbing situations, God can always transform disharmony into harmony; lack into opportunities to bless, etc. Incidentally, there's another chapter in the same book called "God will turn this to good." It doesn't matter what the experience or whatever situation you face, God will transform it. I've seen this in my experience. No matter how many "mistakes" I've made, God has always transformed them for good.

Later on the TV news there was a report about another financial company on the brink of collapse. This means thousands of people's livelihood are in jeopardy. This shows that humans can only go so far with their limited resources, but in God "there's enough and to spare."

No matter what the situation, God will use the situation to bless many as He is right now in this article. I only need to remember God's presence in every moment and trust in His goodness.

Love is all there is.

"There's enough and to spare."


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