Tuesday, 2 September 2008

NoBody's But My Own

The other day I sat by the river Thames people watching. As it was a warm day, a lot of the women were scantily dressed, while the men mostly had shorts and tops.

I marvelled at how varied the human forms appear. I kept my attention on the women. One woman was quite slim on top but had huge calves which didn't look at all proportional. In fact, most of the bodies I saw weren't symmetrical. By this I mean, if you're skinny on top, to have symmetry you have to have slim legs. Come to think of it, the only women I see with slim legs are models and celebrities which usually come at a price.

Is it natural for people's bodies to come in different shapes and sizes or are they largely influenced by their beliefs?

I believe people's bodies are largely influenced by multilayered beliefs.

There is the belief in weight gain, weight loss and nutrition such as: certain foods can make you gain or lose weight; some foods are good for you and some are bad; you need to have a certain intake of nutritional supplements to survive, etc. Naturally, these beliefs are bound to have an impact on the body's appearances.

There is the belief that a particular time of the month can make you lose or gain weight.

There is the belief that certain exercises can help you build muscles, make your body stronger, leaner, flexible, or give you energy.

There is the belief that certain races are predisposed to have certain body shapes. If you're born in that race then you should expect to have that kind of a body or appearance.

There is the belief that genetics and inheritance have their part to play. Therefore, your body is inherited from your parents, grand-parents and ancestral genes. When a baby is born people immediately try to identify who the baby resembles. The baby might have the mother's eyes, the father's nose and forehead, the paternal grandfather's feet, etc. That baby had better resemble someone in the bloodline or the mother is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

It is also possible you could have inherited your parent or ancestor's thinking patterns, diseases, behaviour, personality traits, which will also affect how the body appears.

There is the belief that all human bodies go through constant transformation leading to middle-age spread, old age and death.

There is the belief that people choose bodies before they're born, including disabilities and mental conditions, which can help them express whatever talents they want to express; or learn whatever lessons they're here to learn.

Is it any wonder human bodies are so diverse with the many beliefs people have?

In the meantime, there is the other body, the real body and physical expression of the Real Self which doesn't have any of those beliefs. The Real Self knows She is Light and Light is eternal, therefore, her body is in perfect symmetry, beautiful, and eternally young.

How can one express one's Real body?

I can only speak for myself which has been a process of letting go of false beliefs and programmes, and letting the Real express as me.

My body is nobody's inherited body or beliefs but my own.


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