Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My Friend, Peggy

As I was walking home yesterday I thought about how wonderful it is that my True Self/the One is being expressed through different people. I am constantly seeing the One's light in people's eyes be it family, friends, strangers, animals. It's the same old Love I keep seeing reflected back at me, at least those who are open to the Light. As I see it, the universe is the One's tool to express Self.

About ten minutes from home, I noticed a friend across the road who lives in the area. Every time I've seen him he's asked me to visit his flat (apartment) but I've always declined. He waved and I waved back. Even though the road was flowing with traffic, he ran across to be with me and we hugged. I could see the same Light in his eyes. He asked me where I was going and I said home. He asked me when I was going to visit his flat as he was dying to show me his new place. Why not now? He promised to make me a nice cup of tea. I decided to take him up on his offer.

As we were walking to his place, he asked me if I smoked Weed and I said I don't nor do I smoke. He said he smokes both of them. He also said he's finding the energy bills a lot to cope with. When he opened the front door downstairs he warned me that he lived at the top on the third floor and we had to walk up the stairs. I told him I'd just walked from the city, which had taken me 2 hours, so three flights of stairs was nothing.

As soon as he opened his front door, I got a whiff of the pungent smell of Weed but the flat felt lovely. He put on some Reggae music, the only music he listens to. While he was in the kitchen, he invited me to explore his flat which is very nicely decorated, clean and quite spacious. I could see it was his own haven to be how he wants to be. I told him I liked his place.

My friend then gave me a cute cuddly toy, a pink Pegasus, which he wanted me to have. He said it will always remind me of him. I fell in love with her immediately and thanked my friend for his gift.

He made my tea just the way I like it - syrupy. He also asked if I liked Jaffa Cakes as he'd bought some recently at very good value. I told him I haven't had Jaffa Cakes in ages. I was reminded how much I LOVE Jaffa Cakes.

My friend asked if I minded if he smoked a cigarette and I said I didn't. While I drank my tea, we chatted about life and stuff. My friend is single and in his late forties. He has a daughter in her early twenties who visits from time to time. He was born in Jamaica and came to live in England when he was seven but he found it so cold that he went back. He returned when he was nine. He said he doesn't know anyone in Jamaica as his relatives are either in the UK or America. He spent some time in the Army and he travelled to many countries. I told him I once had a dream about joining the British Army. I applied and went through various tests and even spent a day at the Selection Centre but I failed the final interview.

After we'd been chatting, my friend said he needed to pop out for about twenty minutes and asked if I could wait in the flat for him until he returned, but I didn't feel like staying. He asked me when I was going to visit. I told him I don't make plans. If our paths cross again and I feel inspired to then I will. I thanked my friend for his gift and entertaining me.

As I walked home, I thought of a friend's email I had received two hours earlier when he'd written: "You are a SweetSweet angel ~ Enocia." It's amazing how I ended up having some SWEET tea with another friend who gave me a cuddly toy with wings that could pass as an ANGEL. Well, a lot of artists depict angels with wings, don't they? Come to think of it, both of my friends are angels of Love.

At home I shared my experience with my mother who was amazed. She also loved my Pegasus and suggested I name her, Peggy.

Thank you, Peggy, for being the physical manifestation of the One Love-Light in all.


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