Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Like Two Peas in a Pod

Two nights ago when I went home, I noticed my mother was watching an episode of Frasier, the American comedy about Frasier (a psychiatrist), his brother, Niles (also a psychiatrist) and their family and friends.

In that episode, an old family friend comes to visit who is so like Frasier (and Niles) that their father, Martin who is totally different from his sons, begins to suspect that the man had had an affair with his wife. In one scene Eddie, Martin's dog, who likes to sit next to Frasier and try and out-stare him, sits between him and the family friend. The dog looks terribly confused because they are so similar; he can't decide who to stare at. Roz, Frasier's friend and work colleague, describes their similarity as "two peas in a pod." Before the man leaves, Martin asks him if he'd had an affair with his wife. He tells Martin that he's gay.

Today I received an email from a dear friend who I've been thinking of and wondering how his wife was doing. My friend said her granddaughter had sent her a book of photos with instructions for him and his wife to open the book together. One picture was of a sonogram that my friend refers to as a "pea in a pod." In other words, my friend's grand-daughter is pregnant. He was so happy to share the good news. He also told me his wife is about to undergo surgery.

It's wonderful how I had watched an episode of "Frasier" that mentions "two peas in a pod," which was reflected back at me as "pea in a pod."

There really is only ONE experiencing life as all of us.

Love to all.


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