Thursday, 4 September 2008

Life is Unfolding Perfectly

During my walk, I received the following insights from the Inner Voice about my own personal life experiences.

All life is unfolding according to perfect timing which is being orchestrated by the ONE/Infinite Intelligence who knows the intimate details of everyone and our true purpose. I can either resist or I can surrender and let life unfold perfectly in an orderly manner.

Let's say I'm travelling home by bus. The One Intelligence is not only the bus that is going to take me home, He is the other motorists, passengers and pedestrians. In other words, all is one. I have a choice whether to trust in the Intelligence/One to get me home or to fret.

Fretting suggests the belief in two powers i.e. one that is on my side and one that is opposing me. Then my state of mind is likely to affect the journey. Chances are I might find myself off the beaten track, which could delay my journey.

When I'm trusting that there is only ONE that is supporting me perfectly on my journey then every moment is part of the journey, including waiting time and the journey itself. Even when there are delays or diversions, I get to see that they serve a purpose and all part of knowing who I am. I have had numerous experiences when I discover my bus had been delayed because I was meant to see someone I haven't seen in a while, witness something that I need to experience, or even share information.

Only when one moment is complete do I get to experience the next part of the "journey."

To recap, when things seem to be taking ages to change, that period of "waiting" is part of the process. I can either accept the moment as it is and use it to explore more of who I am or I can resist the moment and cause myself unnecessary suffering and delay in my "journey."

All things are unfolding perfectly in accordance with the Cosmic Conductor.


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