Friday, 12 September 2008

The Law of One - Revisited

I believe in the law of One. This means there is only ONE Intelligence expressing in all life, all time, all space, all universes whether they are visible or invisible.

The ONE is rather like the Borg in the sci-fi series Star Trek, which is a collective consciousness working to attain perfection. In their quest for perfection, the Borg are constantly assimilating other species. What's interesting about the Borg collective is that it doesn't matter how far the cubes (ships) are away from the Mother ship, they are always connected. This means every Borg drone is always aware of what's going on in the Collective Mind. Therefore, when one cube thousands of light years away assimilates a new species, then all of the Collective gains that new wisdom that has been assimilated, which they can utilise in their experience.

In the same respect, what God/the One is expressing in one is instantly accessible to everyone no matter what time or space you are in. What blocks people from receiving is the belief in many minds experiencing their own private realities.

It's interesting how there are many channelled teachings now from aliens or "awakened" beings who are claiming they are here to save humanity and help them ascend. Let's examine the concept of "ascension. " Let's say for argument's sake there are many levels and the highest you can attain is level 8. Based on the law of One i.e. that there is the same Intelligence in all, surely that same intelligence working in the one who has attained level 8 is the same Intelligence in me right at this moment? Doesn't that mean I've also attained level 8? Therefore, it only takes one to be lifted up for all to be lifted up. Why then would I need someone's help to teach me how to ascend when I'm already there?

My point is the notion of ascension is pure baloney. You are either joined with the collective consciousness of the ONE or you're dreaming yourself learning many lessons and evolving through infinite steps to enlightenment.

I believe that the only help humanity needs is the constant reminder of the Law of One. There is only ONE Intelligence working in all. What is true for someone in a galaxy 80 billion light years away is true for me; and vice versa. Therefore, when someone shares something wonderful, whether that experience happened a thousand years ago or a few minutes ago, I know that experience is also my experience that I can utilise.

Only One exists.


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