Saturday, 13 September 2008

Could You Tone It Down a Bit?

While I believe I can't have too much love, sometimes love can be too much.

For many years I've hearing the Inner Sound which I've come to realise is the frequency of Spirit/Love which gives me goose bumps all over and feels rather orgasmic and so intense and pleasurable. Sometimes when I'm focused on work and stuff, I don't feel it so much though I can still hear the Sound. It's only when I'm still that I can feel its effect which leaves me in perfect bliss.

My mother and I were watching the American comedy Two and a Half Men about a bachelor, Charlie, whose younger brother, Alan moves in with his son, Jake, after separating from his wife. It is quite funny watching Charlie trying to cope with this family invasion. He doesn't change his lifestyle though, he still goes through women like nobody's business.

Anyway, I suddenly noticed when Charlie was speaking, his voice had the tinge of the Inner Sound and I was getting shivers down my spine and feeling immense joy. When Alan spoke, I felt chills all over. I felt the same when Jake and the other characters were speaking. When the audience laughed, I felt the same. When my mother laughed I felt it. When she spoke I felt the same. After the comedy finished, my mother changed the channel to a religious programme and I felt the same goose bumps from the speakers. The feeling was getting stronger and stronger that I felt I couldn't cope any more. I told mum what I was experiencing.

"I'd better not say anything then if you're feeling this way," she said.

"Don't stop speaking because of me," I said. "I'm going to have a shower, maybe that will help."

Before I went to the bathroom, I gave my mother a hug so I could offload some of the joy on to her. When I turned on the shower the noise of the shower gave me goose bumps too, as was listening to the tap running, and the toilet being flushed. It got so bad I had to ask Love to tone it down slightly as I can't possibly function with this intensity of Love coursing through me.

I remember reading in Autobiography of a Yogi about Lahiri Mahasaya's disciple, who worked as a postman. He asked Lahiri to bless him because since he'd been initiated in Kriya Yoga, he was feeling so intoxicated with bliss he was having difficulties delivering his letters. I know exactly how that postman feels.

After taking a shower, I watched Sex and the City and I felt the same goose bumps but it wasn't as intense. After that I listened to the news for a few seconds and I felt the same. I flicked over to a film and watched it for a few minutes. Even though I wasn't really into it, I could still feel the same old chills.

It's really the same old Love underneath everything though I have to ask for Love to be toned down a bit or I wouldn't be able to write this piece.

Love is all there is.


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