Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Being Led Up the Garden Path

Instead of walking through the gardens, which was pretty crowded, I was curious to follow the road outside it which I believed was a much quicker route to the main road.

I noticed some people walking ahead who obviously had had the same idea. As I walked I noticed a side street which I wondered about using but I figured I would walk down to the end of the road. When the couple walking in front got to the end of the road, they realised the road was blocked and the gate leading to the gardens was closed. I heard the woman said: "That's really annoying! Why didn't they put up a sign?"

It was time to retrace our steps and find a side street to the main road. As we were walking back we advised others walking towards us that the road was blocked. I noticed a flight of stairs which felt to me like one way out of the maze. The man in front wanted to check it out but his partner didn't think it would lead us out to the main street. I begged to differ and walked up the stairs where I found it did lead to the main road.

Instead of being led up the garden path, I would rather just follow my nose.


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