Wednesday, 3 September 2008

All Questions Have Their Answers

I believe all answers and questions arise as one. In other words, if I can ask the question the answer already exists otherwise I wouldn't have had the question in the first place. It doesn't matter if the questions are based on truth, error, logic or just plain silly, the Universe will always manifest the answer in Its own way. Here's one example.

In a piece I wrote recently about pigeon behaviour, as I have observed them anyway, I posed the following thought-provoking question:

"are pigeons becoming more human; or are humans becoming more pigeon-like? Here's Something You Don't See Every Day
Actually, the question wasn't thought-provoking at all, I was only having a laugh.

In today's Metro newspaper, which I picked up on the bus, I noticed the following pieces:

A picture of a parrot with a fag (cigarette) in its beak. Parrot snapped smoking a fag

There is a story based on a research carried out on South African green woodhoopoe birds that support each other after they've lost a fight, rather the same way footy (football) fans commiserate with one another after their team has lost a match. Birds act like footy fans

Finally, a man who has transformed his body to appear like a tiger. Man turned cat is world's ‘most modified man’

It's interesting how these stories appear in the same issue.

That answers my question: birds (and animals) are becoming more human; and humans are becoming more bird or animal like.

Thank you, Universe, for answering my question even though it was only rhetorical. I guess you don't do rhetorical, huh?


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