Monday, 6 October 2008


This blog is a continuation from the previous one, Being the Magic; Sharing the Wonder - Part 2. I will continue to focus on the Magic and Wonder that is Love and the power of Love.

As always, the articles I'm sharing are my perspective only and not meant to instruct readers in any way. Make of them what you will.

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Love and gratitude to Ben Gilberti for designing the fractal.

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I am the Magic.


Articles in Alphabetical Order


A Real Bargain - Kerching!
Activating Love - Revisited
All Questions Have Their Answers
Another Mirror Image
As If!
Awareness Begins and Ends with Me


Be Careful What You Wish For Others
Being a Blessing
Being Led Up the Garden Path


Comfort - Revisited
Cool Ad!
Consciously Feed the Atoms of Your Being
Could You Tone It Down a Bit?


Following My Blueprint - Revisited
Forewarned is Forearmed


Here's Something You Don't See Every Day
Here's Something You Don't See Every Day - Part 2
High Flyer
How Lovely!


I Have All the Time in the World - Revisited
Imagine - John Lennon
Impersonal, Personal and Special Relationships
Invisibility Cloak
Is/Isn't; I Am/I am Not


Let's Talk Pets
Life is Unfolding Perfectly
Like Two Peas in a Pod
Living Light
Love at First Sight
Love Gifts
Love is the Answer


Mind Reader
Mind Reader - Part 2
More about Supply and Taking a Walk on the Wild Side
My Allies
My Birthday Party
My Friend, Peggy
My Real Family


Never Too Much
Nice Trip Down Memory Lane
NoBody's But My Own
Nothing For Me to Be or Do


Only Good Can Come Out of This
On Being Given a Head Start


Perennial Student?
"Pink Cloud" Syndrome


Retraining My Dog


Seeing with Love's Vision - Revisited
Segregation and Integration
Shock Horror!
Song of the Day
Stars in My Eyes
Stepping Outside the Box


Take No Thought
That's Amazing!
The Future is Set in Stone
The Gift that Keeps on Giving
The Great Invocation
The Law of One - Revisited
The Magic is Working For Everyone
The Real Me
The Stripping Process
The Tortoise
Things that Go Bump in the Night
Thought of the Day
Time Travel
Touch-Typing and Trusting in Love
Transcending Duality
Tripping the Light Fantastic
Truth or Fiction - Who Cares?


Using Discernment
Using the Gifts I Have Been Given


Welcome Back!
What is Chaos?
What is Guidance?
What is Suffering?
Why Some Dramas are Not Worth My While