Thursday, 28 August 2008

Things that Go Bump in the Night

Early this morning around 12.45 am, the phone rang. Even though I was still very much awake, I didn't answer it. I wondered if my mother had heard it. I figured whoever it was will leave a message. As the answer phone is built into the system, you can't hear when someone leaves a message. You only know by the intermittent beeps if someone has left a message.

I was curious to find out who had been ringing at that time, so I decided to listen to the message but there wasn't any. I called the number that tells you who the last caller was; which usually has the last number or you're told if the number was withheld. The computerised voice said the last call was around 1900 hours the previous day. That's very odd that the phone rang and yet there's no indication that anyone had rung.

I asked my mother this morning if she'd heard the telephone last night and she said she hadn't. When I told her there was no record of the telephone call, she asked if I was sure I'd heard it ring or I wasn't dreaming. I told her I was very much awake; I had been thinking about an episode of StarTrek Voyager I had just finished watching.

The mysterious non-phone call reminded me of another recent mystery. I had been thinking of replacing my toothbrush, which I was really attached to as I saw it as my friend. One day the toothbrush mysteriously disappeared, which forced me to use a new one. Where did that toothbrush disappear to?

Speaking of which, I was reading a book recently called Never Say Goodbye: A Medium's Stories of Connecting with Your Loved Ones and the writer talks about signs loved ones who have passed over use to get your attention such as playing with the electricity, making phones ring, moving objects around (including toothbrushes), sounds, light flashes, smells and even manifesting objects.

I believe it's not only loved ones who have "passed on" that try to get in contact, even those who are "alive" try to communicate with loved ones they are physically separate from. I am constantly receiving telepathic messages from friends. It's not surprising really, as we are all infinite Spirit and capable of projecting ourselves everywhere.

I wonder who's trying to get my attention though?

OK, you've got my attention. Can I request that you don't phone so late at night? And you can keep the toothbrush.


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