Sunday, 31 August 2008

Nothing For Me to Be or Do

In a previous piece called, Stop Trying So Hard!, I wrote:

There is nothing for you to be or do;
God has got everything covered.

OK, I give up!
This means I only need to live with the constant awareness that God's love occupies all time and space. Since God is all there is, God is expressing Self in myriads of wonderful ways. I don't need to worry about the how just trust in God.

When I woke up this morning, I expected to see my mother dressed and ready for church but she wasn't. I then heard her coughing. I realised Love's presence and thought: "God is healing you now." After a short while she stopped coughing. I then went back to sleep.

Later I asked mum why she hadn't gone to church and she said she wasn't feeling well and had a headache. I told her God was healing her and she said "Amen."

By the time I left home she was feeling lots better.

Yup, God has got everything covered.


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