Monday, 25 August 2008

My Birthday Party

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one
Imagine, lyrics

I've had many wonderful birthdays but this year's was the most memorable because I got to share my birthday with the 2012 Olympics Handover Party.

First thing in the morning, my older brother called to wish me happy birthday as he usually does. He asked me what I had planned and I said I was going to join the Olympics Handover Party at the Mall. As the morning progressed I started feeling down and wasn't in the mood to go into town. I figured I would check my emails, post an article, then see how I felt later.

By the time I had checked my mails, I was feeling a lot better. Still, I didn't feel like being caught up in a crowd. I was beginning to regret not taking up my friend's offer to hang out. Where should I go? I watched as my feet were taken over and I was walked to the bus stop and put on a bus. When I finally got to the west end I found myself walking towards Trafalgar Square. At the Square, there were hundreds of people watching a TV screen that had been erected at one end. It was then I realised that instead of going to the Mall, which was bound to be packed full, I could watch the Handover proceedings right there on the High Definition screen.

I found a perfect spot where I could lean against the wall and could see the screen perfectly. People around me were in party mood. I told them it was my birthday and they wished me happy birthday. Then the concert began in earnest.

I enjoyed watching Olympians - past and present - being interviewed. They showed lots of clips of this year's Olympics and discussed how Britain's performance had surpassed everyone's expectations. Well done Brits!

I liked what Usain Bolt, the 100 and 200 metres sprint gold medalist, had to say about how he avoids thinking because thinking can hinder one's performance. He simply focuses on what he's been trained to do and does it. No wonder he's as fast as lightning. I just love that guy!

At the concert I got two questions answered. The first one was about a song I've heard on a car advert which I love. I've been wondering what the song was and the band singing it. A band called The Feeling performed the song I love which is called "Join with Us." Thank you for answering my questions.

Another thing I'd been wondering about was whether a building known as The Gherkin was part of this year's Open House London. "Open House London" is the weekend in September where buildings that are usually closed to the public are open in order that visitors can explore their architecture. I had already checked the "Open House London" brochure but couldn't find "The Gherkin." As I was chatting to an elderly lady standing next to me, I asked her if she's ever been to "Open House London." She said she goes every year and tries to fit in as many buildings as she can. I asked her if "The Gherkin" was part of it. She said last year she queued for 4 hours to get into "The Gherkin." She said this year you have to book via the Internet if you want entry into that building. She said she intends to attend this year but her library hasn't got the brochure. I told her where she could get a copy. Wow, another question answered perfectly.

When the group Il Divo, which has four cute guys who sing opera songs, came on stage my friend beside was very happy. She told me how much she loved them and how good looking they are. Good for you, lady. Just because something is out of your price range doesn't mean you can't window-shop.

My friend also told me she couldn't wait to see Michael Phelps, who had won 8 gold medals in the Olympics. I told her I had been rooting for him to win his 8 gold medals because I believe in the number 8. When he came on, we both went wild.

Other songs I enjoyed being performed were: the cast of the stage musical "Queen" performing "We are the Champions"; Sophie Ellis Bextor singing "Nobody Does it Better"; James Morrison performing John Lennon's "Imagine"; a choir performing the Take That song "Shine"; McFly's rendition of the Abba classic "Winner Takes it All"; Will Young's version of "I Can See Clearly Now"; and Heather Small, the lady with the big voice, performing "Proud."

My favourite part of the event was the Red Arrows flypast which painted the sky blue, white and red. It was wonderful to see these planes so close. I just love planes!

To all the performers and audience at the concert, thank you for making my birthday so special and such fun. I look forward to 2012.

Rule Britannia!


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