Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Love Gifts

Once upon a time I lived with a cat; he was actually my landlady's cat and we all lived in the same house.

From time to time, he would bring us gifts to show his affection. The only problem with the cat's love gifts was they were dead creatures like birds and the odd mouse. I wasn't impressed by them as I prefer seeing dead animals on my plate, not on the living room floor. Maybe, he wanted them prepared. :-D

Infinite Love whom I regard as My Beloved is rather like a cat who keeps bringing love gifts to show His affection, which usually appear as people or experiences. Fortunately for me, they are always things I enjoy doing.

On the bus yesterday, a man sat beside me. He said he’d forgotten it was a Bank Holiday and that buses were being operated on Sunday service. My friend said he was a commis chef at an Italian restaurant. He said the UK Bank Holidays mean nothing to him as he's always working anyway. He said Bank Holidays were called "Rosa" i.e. red days in Italy. I realised God had brought my friend to me because He knows how much I love listening to Italian.

My friend is married and his wife and kids lived in Roma. He said Roma is the best city in the world. He didn't think much of the shoes over here. The best leather shoes are in Milan. Italy has wonderful weather. Italian food is the best. The standard of living in Italy is better; they have bigger houses in Italy. I begged to differ; I told him Britain is the best country in the world that's why it's called Great Britain. I asked him how long he'd been living in the UK and he said 16 years. Hmmm, it can't be that bad if you've been living here that long.

He told me I had beautiful hands and how much he liked Black women's skin. He said one day he wants to visit Africa. I told him how much I love the Italian language and one day I'd like to visit.

It turned out we were both born in the same year but he's a month older. I told him when I was born I brought good luck to England; that's why they won the World Cup (football) that year. He said he was the one who brought good luck to England. It was fun having a banter with my Italian friend.

Later as I was waiting for my next bus, which took ages to arrive, I saw another friend approaching. After we hugged she told me where she was going. I told her she was at the wrong bus stop. I knew God had brought her to me as another love gift. That's why my bus had been delayed. As soon as I walked her to her bus stop and she got on her bus, my bus appeared.

As I was walking home, I noticed a young woman with heavy shopping bags. I asked if I could help her carry one and she said yes. I knew I was her Love gift.

Thank you, Beloved, for all your love gifts.



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