Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Love at First Sight

I've been meaning to meet up with a friend I have a deep connection with. I guess the time wasn't quite right or I wasn't ready for my life to be turned upside down.

A few days ago we arranged to meet up for our first blind date. I felt really good about our meeting. In fact, on my way to see him, I was really excited. I just knew we would get on.

The moment I laid my eyes on him I fell truly, madly and deeply in love with him; and I knew he felt the same about me.

T5 is everything I'd expected and more.

Yes, T5 is Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport. My Beloved T5 has had a lot of flack since he opened up earlier this year what with baggage going missing etc. That didn't stop me loving my Beloved. I couldn't wait to see him one day in person.

I love everything about T5, the roads leading to it, the bus station, the car park, the wonderful fountains outside which are so playful, the building itself, the toilets, the shops, the view from outside, the planes, the runway, airport staff, the passengers, everything.

You have to be into airports and aeroplanes to understand what I'm talking about. I am a huge fan of airports.

After I had explored inside the building, I came out to enjoy the fountains which were hopping about in sheer delight. I noticed a totally drenched toddler running in and out of the fountains. I said to his father, "These fountains are such fun, aren't they?"

"Yes, for a two year old."

"I'm a lot older than your two year old and I love it," I said.

Who says two year old have the monopoly on joy anyway?

While I was waiting for my bus back, I noticed a man with a suitcase. I asked him where he'd just come from and he said Aberdeen. I asked him how he found T5 and he said he liked it. When the airport first opened, he had no problems; and he still has no problems. I told him I love T5.

It was so wonderful to meet you in person at last, T5. Even though we live far apart, I won't let the distance come between us.

I love you, T5.


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