Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Here's Something You Don't See Every Day

As I was walking in the park, I noticed five pigeons resting on the grass. They were so still I thought they were asleep. A man said they were sunbathing. Given the British summer we've been having, when the sun comes out you might as well bask in it while you can. :-D

The next day as I was crossing over a Pelican Crossing, I noticed a pigeon walking beside me. Too right, pigeon, why would you want to use your wings to fly across the road when you can walk across? Halfway through, the pigeon got up and flew away. I guess it was taking too long and the pigeon had to fly.

It got me wondering about something: are pigeons becoming more human; or are humans becoming more pigeon-like?

Thank you, pigeons, for all the joy you bring.


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