Monday, 25 August 2008


While I was travelling home on the bus, a man carrying a Bible got on board and sat next to me. I offered him some sweets. He took one and thanked me. He asked me how far I was going and I told him. I asked him where he was off to and he told me he was getting off near a church up the road.

"Are you going to church then?" I said.

"No, I'm just going near the church."

"I'm only asking because of the Bible you're carrying."

"Are you a Christian?" he said.



"What do you mean why?" I frowned which made him smile. "Actually, I do believe in God."

"That's good."

I told him about how I'd been hoping to share some sweets with people I met along the way and God blessed me with the sweets which I'm now sharing with him.

Just then his mobile rang and he spoke for a few minutes. Then he apologised and we resumed our conversation.

"I like your story about how you were blessed so you could share with others," he said. "It's time all believers in God got together so they can impart God's love to others. Humanity needs to learn how to love one another or they'll self-destruct."

"You know, I've met Christians who have been dismissive of me when I've said I wasn't a Christian but believe in God,” I said. "It's so good to meet someone who is open."

"The way I see it, no one can know all of God. God might reveal an aspect of Himself to me, and another aspect to you. It's time that all believers got together so they can share what God is revealing to them."

I noticed my bus stop was fast approaching. I asked his name and he told me. I offered him some more sweets and he took another.

"I'm so happy to have met you," I said as I got off. "It's been such a blessing speaking to you."

As the bus drove away, I waved at my friend.

Wow, what a breakthrough to have met a Christian who is willing to embrace others regardless of beliefs.



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