Thursday, 28 August 2008

Forewarned is Forearmed

In a recent episode of StarTrek Voyager episode called Timeless, the captain decides to travel by slipstream which is faster than light. This means the space ship, Voyager, will arrive back on Earth in hours rather than years. Harry Kim suggests to the captain that he and Chakotay travel in a space shuttle a few minutes ahead of Voyager where he will keep sending back calculations so Voyager can alter it's path. Unfortunately, Harry sends the ship the wrong calculations and Voyager has to come out of the slipstream and crash land on a frozen planet; and all but one (the holographic doctor) are killed. Chakotay and Harry Kim make it back to Earth and spend the next fifteen years searching for the crew and regretting their past mistake. Harry and Chakotay decide to alter history by sending the correct calculations to the Voyager crew in time which will guide them on the correct path. Although Kim and Chakotay are not able to guide Voyager back to Earth, they do guide them away from the disaster. Because of this, Harry and Chakotay's future timelines are erased.

As I was walking to the bus stop, I noticed my bus was approaching but was stuck at a traffic light which would give me ample time to run up the hill, a difficult task in the mules I had on. As I was running I realised there was no bus at the traffic light.

That's very odd because I did see a bus as clear as a bell at the traffic light. There has to be a good reason for this. Within a minute the real bus arrived.

Aha, I get it! The Me that's a minute ahead sent Me in the present a warning that my bus was approaching; rather like in the StarTrek Voyager episode, when the shuttle a few minutes in the future was sending calculations back to Voyager.

I've had this experience lots of times when I've "seen" people and events very clear and close up; and after a few minutes the events I've foreseen have happened.

Thank you to all my selves in all time for guiding me in every moment.


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