Saturday, 30 August 2008

Following My Blueprint - Revisited

One reason why I don't feel the need to follow any religion, teacher, or school of thought is because I know my path has already been set out for me. All I have to do is follow it. I believe all experiences that come my way are in harmony with my path, even though they might not always appear that way at the time. Here's one such example.

Two days ago a friend emailed me to ask me why after he's affirmed positive things about Spirit, his day doesn't always fall in line with Spirit. My response was I have found that sometimes things do not appear to go well but I always find things are working perfectly.

Yesterday I woke up with a pain in the neck. After praying and affirming God's allness, the pain wouldn't budge. I knew that Love didn't want me to be in pain and the truth of the matter was Love is expressing through me in every moment anyway because there is no place or time where Love is not present. And yet, I felt like a part of me was resisting the healing. When I asked to know the Truth about this, I had a thought of implants.

Years ago, when I was studying Pranic Healing, we were taught how to remove negative elementals from the etheric body. These elementals are caused by negative thought forms and beliefs which can both lead to illness and can prevent healing. While I was studying Pranic Healing, I also read Joshua David Stone's books on Ascension, where he discusses implants. Implants are fear based programmes that prohibit us from knowing who we really are as Love-Light; or being who we are as Love-Light. Those who are serious about ascension i.e. living as the True Self, Light, are encouraged to have those implants removed. I find there are two ways these implants can be removed: energetically i.e. cleansing the system; or by reprogramming i.e. living by Truth principles.

Later during the day, I was inspired to send e-cards to some friends. After that, I re-read Dorothy Rieke's inspiring article called Wonderful Things are Happening. Then I did a search on Google for more of her articles and came across a piece called Immortality Brought to Light. One thing that stood our for me in the article was the story of a woman living in a Nazi occupied country during the last World War, who had been captured and taken to a prison camp. The woman's husband had already been taken to a concentration camp. The woman had to leave her two boys who were too young to look after themselves. She was determined she wasn't going to be mesmerised by the situation and see herself as a mortal living in prison. Instead she knew the truth of her identity as an immortal child of God who is boundless and free. She even saw the prison guards as children of God expressing God's love. One day she and the women she was with were set free for no reason at all. Her husband was also released. She also discovered that a neighbour had been looking after her children.

Later in the evening, I noticed two Star Trek Voyager episodes called The Killing Game - Parts 1 and 2 were on television. Although I've seen them before I couldn't remember the details and knew I had to watch them again. In this episode, the Voyager crew have been captured by an alien species called the "Hirogen" who see other species as prey to be hunted to their death. After they took over the space ship, the leader of the Hirogen crew decide instead of simply hunting and killing them, he will rather play a different game where the crew are put under different situations, and study how they react to the chase. By understanding humans he hopes that the Hirogens will then get further insight into who they are. Not all the Hirogens are happy with this plan, however. The number two in command would rather just hunt and kill his prey but he follow orders anyway.

Before the game starts, the Hirogens select some of the crew, insert implants in them which erases all memories of who they are, and place them in a Holodeck programmes. (A Holodeck programme is a simulated reality based on either an actual reality or created from someone's imagination). When Captain Janeway is put in a Klingon programme, which is based on the Klingon warrior race, she identifies herself as a Klingon. Captain Janeway behaves just like a warrior and sees the Hirogen as her enemy. When she is injured, she's taken to the sickbay to be taken care of. After she's recovered from her injuries, the leader of the Hirogen decides to transfer her and some of her crew to a World War II simulation.

In the programme, Janeway and her crew are running a restaurant; and in secret are part of the Resistance movement against the Nazis. The Hirogens and the Holodeck characters are the Nazi soldiers. When Seven of Nine and Neelix are injured, they are taken back to sickbay. Because Seven of Nine's implants have been impaired, she can remember who she is but can't remember being in the Holodeck programme. The doctor tells her he's going to adjust the implant so that she remembers who she is while in the Holodeck programme. She then has to do what she can to sabotage the programme and free the rest of the crew.

Because Seven of Nine now remembers who she is, to the rest of her colleagues she's acting suspicious. They even suspect she's a double agent. Just as the Captain is about to shoot her, the doctor disables her implant and she remembers who she is. The rest of the programme is about how the Captain and Seven of Nine try to take back the ship. The crew end up waking up to their true identities as Star Fleet Officers. After two of the leaders of the Hirogens are killed, Captain Janeway and the new leader of the Hirogens agree to a ceasefire. Janeway even offers the Hirogens the Holodeck technology so they can create their own Holodeck programmes and pursue their love of hunting without killing actual people.

I thought it was wonderful how my day had unfolded. I woke up with pain, I was then inspired to read the Dorothy Rieke article which mentions a woman who had been captured by the Nazis and yet she refused to be mesmerised by the condition. In other words, the article was reminding me not to identify myself as a mortal with aches and pains but as boundless Spirit. Later I watched Star Trek Voyager about how the crew captured and placed in a World War II programme. While the crew were stuck in that programme Tom Paris, playing the role of an American soldier, recalls how when he lived in France he had fallen in love with a French girl. The last time he saw her was 29 August. Well the date I was watching the episodes was 29 August! Fascinating!

This brings me to the real reason why I love Star Trek because a lot of the episodes mirror how I see the Universe. It's no surprise that Star Trek was first shown in 1966 the year of my birth. Of all the Star Trek franchises, Star Trek Voyager is my absolute favourite. The ship is stuck in the Delta quadrant in another part of the galaxy. The crew are desperately trying to get back home. On their way they have many challenges but no matter what they're going through, the captain always remembers who she is as a Star Fleet Officer; and never gives up that she and her crew will one day get home. In the final episode, the crew arrive back in their part of the galaxy, the Alpha quadrant. Sounds very much like the human experience to me.

No matter what the appearances, I am an immortal being unfolding my own unique light journey on a destination to nowhere.


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