Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For Others

In a friend's recent email, he posted a smilie with a glass of wine and wishing me "cheers" for my birthday. On the actual day, my local shopkeeper gave me a bottle of red wine to celebrate. I believe my friend's best wishes had come true through my shopkeeper. Thank you!

And for friends who wished me roses for my birthday, rest assured I received them through another friend who sent me four birthday messages with roses. Thank you!

I believe all thoughts are things and are very real. Therefore, when I read books and articles that are full of good wishes or have predictions of good fortune and I believe, I am opening myself up to receive those wishes in form.

Be careful what you wish for others as wishes do come true.

I wish everyone love, happiness, perfect health, prosperity, success, and the desires of your heart.


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